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SAPIEN Podcast - Optimum Health & Wellness

May 6, 2021

Now that Brian has moved to Austin, he joins us virtually to discuss exercise! Meanwhile, Dr. Gary has been busy between getting married and working at his clinic! Exercise shouldn’t be a long, intimidating and grueling process. Instead, it can be intense, short and enjoyable.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Getting the most bang for your buck with exercise
  • Consistency & the minimum effective dose
  • Workout splits & sprints
  • The best forms of cardio
  • The effects of sitting at a desk all day
  • Kettlebells & fixing a hunched back
  • Picking up team & individual sports


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Dr. Gary Shlifer owns and operates Evolve Healthcare in Woodland Hills, CA.


Brian Sanders is the maker of the Food Lies film and founder of Nose to Tail


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