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SAPIEN Podcast - Optimum Health & Wellness

Jun 8, 2021

We had an inspiring discussion with our good friend Dr. Lida Fatemi, DO who is an assistant professor and academic physician at The University of New Mexico. Her role involves teaching medicine to students and residents while caring for patients.


She has incorporated many aspects of the Sapien diet and lifestyle into her work as well as her personal life. She has also dedicated a lot of her work to physician wellness and self-care.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Her background & personal health journey
  • How she’s challenging the paradigm
  • Physician burnout
  • Nature & plant medicine
  • A more sustainable food system
  • Controversy this past year


DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this episode are solely those of Dr. Lida Fatemi and do not necessarily represent those of The University of New Mexico.






Dr. Gary Shlifer owns and operates Evolve Healthcare in Woodland Hills, CA.


Brian Sanders is the maker of the Food Lies film and founder of Nose to Tail


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